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509 deminers demining Southern Croatia

Govt. Croatia
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In the area of Zadar, Šibenik - Knin and Split - Dalmatia County demining activities are carried out within the 11 projects, while additional 4 projects are waiting for the start of implementation.

The total size of listed 15 projects is 5.7 square kilometers, and their contracted value is slightly higher than 30 million.

This year's demining of croatian south is marked by a record number of engaged deminers in a single day. On January 22, 2016 509 deminers were hired on active demining projects.

After the completion of aforementioned tasks, capacities will move to the continent, where the realization of demining of agricultural land in Lika - Senj, Sisak - Moslavina and Karlovac County is waiting for completion.

In the area of five continental counties, from the total of contracted 25,3 square kilometers of agricultural land of 172,5 milion HRK value, 60% of activities was implemented while the rest of realization is expected with the improvement of weather conditions.