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Heavy rainfall hits Korea again

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Heavy rain fell yesterday in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces, and some parts of southern Korea, causing flooding in some areas and stalling recovery work in regions that were ravaged by Typhoon Maemi last weekend.

The accumulated rainfall in Ganghwa, Gyeonggi province was 216 millimeters (8.5 inches) as of 4 p.m. yesterday. Dongducheon, also in Gyeonggi, had 198 millimeters. In Gangwon, such cities as Chuncheon, Hongcheon, Inje and Cheolwon all had precipitation of more than 100 millimeters. Seoul saw 99.5 millimeters of rain.

Because of the downpour, the Gyeongui railroad line, which connects Ilsan and Dorasan in Gyeonggi, was temporarily stopped yesterday, while automobile traffic was banned on some sections of roads in Seoul. Ship traffic between Incheon port and nearby islands was halted.

A total of about 29 hectares (71 acres) of Ganghwa's rice fields were flooded. The road that connects Jangam-dong and Nokyang-dong in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi province was flooded and closed to all traffic.

Bancheon village in Gangwon province, where most houses were destroyed by flooding from Maemi, suffered from another heavy rainstorm. A makeshift bridge built to replace one that was swept away in the typhoon was flooded yesterday and is out of commission. "The 100 households here really suffered from the typhoon. We resent another rainstorm," said Bae Mun-hwan, 40, the village head. "We are worried that the rain may prevent relief supplies. In Gupo village of South Gyeongsang province, residents doing recovery work were concerned about the weather, given a forecast for the possibility of rain in coming days. "We are keeping an eye on the makeshift temporary embankments we constructed as part of the recovery work that took place in the aftermath of Maemi. Another rainstorm may destroy them," said Gwak Jae-gyu, the village head.

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