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S.Korea says typhoon death toll crosses 100

República de Corea
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SEOUL, Sept 16 (Reuters) - South Korea said on Tuesday the death toll from last week's typhoon, the most powerful ever to hit the country, had crossed 100 with more than 20 people still missing.

The anti-disaster agency said in a statement that the death toll from Typhoon Maemi, which swept through the country's southeast on Friday night, had risen to 104 while 22 people were still missing.

It also said the damage from the storm had risen to 1.85 trillion won ($1.58 billion).

The typhoon crumpled giant container cranes, heaved an evacuated ocean liner onto a beach, sank scores of vessels and plunged more than a million homes into darkness in the southeast industrial heartland. ($1=1171.0 Won)

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