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EU Flood Recovery Programme starts: "Let's build back better"

Северная Македония
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Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi, Head of the EU Delegation Aivo Orav and UNDP Resident Representative Louisa Vinton officially announced the start of the EU Flood Recovery Programme.

"Today, we have signed a financing agreement which represents the first package from the 10 million EUR - EU Flood Recovery Programme. These first 3 million EUR will be used to reconstruct the destroyed roads in the affected areas, given the importance of transport infrastructure for the citizens' everyday life. But, the EU support does not end here. Additional 7 million EUR will be in a very near future provided for overcoming damages in the water management infrastructure", said Aivo Orav, Head of the EU Delegation.

“In 2015, our country was affected by floods that caused serious damages – losses of human lives and damages of the transport and water infrastructure. The signing of this agreement is another proof of support that our country and citizens and receiving from the European Union”. Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi stated.

“UNDP is pleased to be implementing this project on behalf of the European Union,” said Resident Representative Louisa Vinton. “One of our demonstrated strengths in this country is water basin management, and we will be rebuilding damaged road and water infrastructure in a way that will promote resilience and help to prevent future floods. Our job here is to ‘build back better.’”

In 2015, over 170,000 people were affected by heavy flooding that caused major damages to roads, bridges and water management infrastructure, interrupting transport and economic activities throughout the country.

The European Union is assisting the country and its citizens in overcoming the effects of the floods, by providing EUR 10,000,000 over the next two years to address the top priority reconstruction needs and reconstruct transport and water infrastructure in the most affected areas in line with “build back better” principles of sustainability