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UNHCR Regional Winter Assistance Progress Report: Syria and Iraq Situations - November 2015 (In Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey)

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As temperatures dropped in November with heavy rainfall and strong winds, UNHCR expedited the release of its winter plan to keep vulnerable refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) warm and protected from the cold conditions across the Middle East.

UNHCR has distributed winter core relief items (CRI) to nearly 345,939 Syrian refugees and over 240,000 Syrian IDPs in the region. Cash assistance for winter months has reached 124,355 Syrian refugees, resulting in an overall 31 per cent of the total Syrian refugees and IDPs reached out of those identified for UNHCR winter support.

Furthermore, 3,152 Iraqi refugees and 228,000 Iraqi IDPs have received winter CRIs, reaching an overall 35 per cent of the total Iraqis UNHCR identified for winter assistance.

The distribution of most remaining winter assistance for the refugees and IDPs in the region will continue in full force in December.

UNHCR is grateful to the Governments, charities and other organizations for their contributions that have helped UNHCR significantly increase the number of people it will be able to reach with winter assistance in 2015-2016.