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India: Heat Wave - Information Bulletin n° 1

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In Brief

This document is being issued for information only. The Federation is not seeking any funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time.

The Situation

Several areas in the northern and southern parts of South Asia have been reeling under an intense heat wave that has so far claimed more than 1,900 lives across India and 40 in Bangladesh. The temperature in places such as Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh in India has gone above 48 degrees Celsius, almost 9 to 10 degrees above normal.

Over 1,300 people have died in the continuing heat wave to date in the worst hit state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The drought-hit district of Nalgonda in Telangana region accounted for the second highest number of deaths (192 followed by152 deaths in east Godavari region, 138 in Guntur, 130 Warangal and 98 in Prakasam). Three more deaths have been reported in West Bengal.

Due to the unusual rise in temperatures over the months of April and May, a number of brush fire incidents have taken place in almost all the districts in Andhra Pradesh State. Many people have lost their houses, clothes, utensils, provisions and other valuables as a result.

Temperatures soared to the highest recorded in many cities in the north of the country, including New Delhi, which recorded a temperature of 45.6 degrees Celsius; Kanpur which registered 45 degrees Celsius, and Orrisa State where the temperature exceeded 50 degrees Celsius.

The meteorological office indicated that there would be no respite from the heat in the next few days and that the onset of monsoons is likely to be delayed further. According to the experts at the national centre for medium range weather forecasts, the first monsoons may not break over the south of India before June 8.

Red Cross and Red Crescent action

The situation has been worsening for the past two weeks, especially in Andhra Pradesh State. The local Red Cross state branch has been providing aid to those affected. The table below shows the aid provided by the Red Cross branch:

Name of the IRCS dist. or sub dist. branches
Name of the affected village/ Fire victims
Type of relief material despatched to victims
Nizamabad district branch Ankapur & Errajapalli villages- 30 families 3 bundles of assorted clothes received from NHQ
Cuddapah district branch Fire victims-200 families 4 bundles of assorted clothes
Nandyala subdistrict branch Fire victims 4 bundles of assorted clothes
Khemmam district branch Fire victims 6 bundles of assorted clothes
Mehboobnagar district branch Fire victims - 150 families 5 bundles of assorted clothes, 100 kitchen sets containing 1 glass, 1plate, and 15 other vessels
R.R. district branch Belanagar fire victims (165 families) 3 bundles of assorted clothes
Bhadrachalam sub district branch Alubaka village fire victims (200 families) 100 kitchen sets containing 1 glass, 1 plate and one lid and bowl
Rangareddy district branch Nacharam fire victims 8 bundles of old clothes

In addition, the districts of Nellore and Bapatia in Andhra Pradesh have been witnessing rise in fire incidents. The Andhra Pradesh state branch is trying to address the situation and has asked the National Headquarters in Delhi for more support in the form of relief materials.

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