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UNICEF Yemen Crisis Situation Report 23 September – 1 October 2015 [EN/AR]

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  • Six months into the conflict in Yemen, the number of children under 5 at risk of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) has tripled, with 537,000 children now at risk in 2015, compared to 160,000 children before the conflict. Almost twice as many children under 5, a total of 1,293,500 children, are projected to suffer from moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) this year, compared to 690,000 before the crisis.

  • Through 43 mobile teams, 6,057 children were screened for acute malnutrition in the governorates of Hodeidah, Taiz, Aden and Sada’a during the reporting period. 1,729 severely malnourished children were admitted in the feeding programmes in Ibb, Hodeidah, Hajjah, Lahj, Aden and Sa’ada.

  • An airstrike that took place on 28 September 2015 at a wedding in Dhubab district in Taiz Governorate, killed 13 children (7 boys and 6 girls), 12 women and 1 man, while 10 more people (no children) were injured.

  • UNICEF supported the collection of around 50,000 tons of garbage from temporary dump sites in the centre of Sana’a City and its disposal to the main landfill outside of the City; around 60 tons were collected and removed from Sa’ada City neighbourhoods.

  • In preparation for the reopening of schools on 10 October, UNICEF has launched a Back to School (B2S) campaign in seven governorates during the reporting period. UNICEF has printed 260,000 copies of the compensational learning materials for catch-up classes planned to be launched with the reopening of schools.