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Government pays compensations for flood damaged households in Strumica

Северная Македония
Govt. North Macedonia
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The government has paid Tuesday subsidies amounting to Denar 29.9 million as compensation for damages to 394 persons that were hit by storms and floods in early 2015.

Finance Ministry told that Denar 527.000 are paid to citizens of Gradsko and 489.000 to citizens of Cesinovo-Oblesevo.

So far, Denar 144.24 million were paid to 2.218 persons in hit-flooded regions of Mogila, Novaci, Demir Hisar, Bitola, Bosilovo, Krivogastani, Veles, Probistip and Stip.

In this way the government will continue to fulfill its promise to compensate the flood damages, Finance Ministry said in a press release.