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Oxfam emergencies updates: 29 July- 31 August

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These updates cover emergencies Oxfam is currently responding to around the world, although please note they don’t intend to be comprehensive.


Fighting on the ground is spreading throughout the country. Air strikes are continuing and more and more civilians are losing their lives to land mines.

It’s been more than a week since the port city of Aden, previously a life line for trade and supplies to the whole country, has been closed and life-saving aid cannot reach the country by sea at all. Oxfam is continuing its life-saving water and sanitation activities and working to distribute hygiene and dignity kits as well as essential household items to the most vulnerable families. Our team is monitoring the situation closely and looking to widen our reach as soon as the security situation allows wider access and people are not forced to keep fleeing. We need your help to put pressure for lasting peace in this wartorn country. Join our plea for an immediate and permanent cease fire in Yemen.

Photo: Familes fled from Haradd district to Shafar district (Hajja) - after the airstrikes targeted Haradh in May 2015. People wait their turn to take share of the water for their families - Oxfam has provided water tanks and clean drinking water for the displaced, Hind Aleryani, Oxfam 2015


Last week (24- 30 August) marks the end of last year's conflict in Gaza. One year after the devastating bombings of 2014, Gaza is still struggling to move past the conflict. The on-going 8-year blockade makes recovery extremely difficult as people cannot access materials to rebuild their homes, schools and hospitals.

People’s ability to rebuild their lives is also severely affected as farms and local businesses hang on for dear life under the blockade. The needs for safe water and food are as pressing as ever. To date, Oxfam has provided life saving water and food assistance to 700,000 people. To learn more about what Oxfam is doing to help people survive and lift themselves out of poverty, please read: Gaza One Year On and a case study on supporting livelihoods through emergency interventions.