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PM Gruevski: Flood damages in Tetovo region will be fully repaired

Macédoine du Nord
Govt. North Macedonia
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On Monday Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, within his visit to Tetovo region, met with residents of Dobroste village and oversaw the construction works for repairing the damages caused by recent floods.

State institutions will remain engaged in the upcoming period until full recovery of the flood-affected regions, Gruevski told the villagers. Dobroste residents extended gratitude to the Prime Minister on his engagement in granting flood relief, as well as to the Government and all relevant institutions for their fast response to the natural disaster.

Earlier today Gruveski oversaw the works for repairing the flood damages in the village of Poroj and laid a corner-stone for a local road in the village of Neprosteno.

The Prime Minister will also set into operation a sports hall in the State University of Tetovo.