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Continuation of demining in the area of Gorazde

Govt. BiH
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Goražde, 17.8.2015

Federal Civil Protection is currently conducting demining activities in the area Kazagići, local community Hubjeri, municipality Gorazde.

Technical survey activities will be conducted at area of 72.965,00m2, where 20 pieces of anti-personnel, anti-personnel mines and tripwires are expected to be found . Demining activities should be completed in the next two months.

It is estimated that in the area of Gorazde, around 10% of the territory, or approximately 23km2 is still contaminated with mines. These are mostly agricultural fields and forest areas. In the area of Gorazde there are around 30 projects still waiting for implementation, while 6 more projects will be developed for the areas of Zupčići, Ahmovići-Tišina, Ilovača Sreduljin, Nenkovici and Ropoca. Their implementation is depending entirely on donor funds. In the municipality Goražde, during 2015, demining was carried out at two location: Desevo IV, scoping area of 43,690.00 m2, where the work was implemented by the Armed Forces and Marevci - Osnice, scoping area of 41,837.00 m2, where the work was done by Federal Civil Protection. Since the end of the war, at the area of Gorazde, demining was carried out at more than 60 projects scoping total area of 1,245,891 m2, where 502 mines and 272 unexploded ordnances were found.