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BWAid 2002-2003 Projects: Bangladesh

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Aids Prevention Program
Funding Goal: Yr. 2 $12,360; Yr. 3 $13,193
Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha
An awareness building program regarding AIDS prevention is a most timely and appropriate intervention in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the target section of Dhaka, the literacy rate ranges from 25% to 30%. The local people, partly due to the low literacy rate and partly due to ignorance, possess a very unclear knowledge about AIDS and its grave consequences.

The Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha has planned an AIDS Prevention Program using awareness building activities for individuals, group education sessions and family visits. Twenty volunteers will be trained so that they are able to act as change agents in their own communities. Handbills, booklets and posters will be developed to assist with mass awareness.

Comprehensive Community Development Project
Funding Goal: Yr. 1 $22,108; Yr. 2 $14,726; Yr. 3 $15,148
Bangladesh Baptist Fellowship

Jessore, Magugra and Jhenidha districts are situated in the south-western part of Bangladesh approximately 200 km from the capital city of Dhaka. In 2000 floods encompassed much of the area leaving suffering people. Bangladesh Baptist Aid tried to meet their emergency needs with clothing, food and later provided them with small houses for shelter. This project will help them to continue into the development phase of recovery. Currently they live by selling day labor. Without a holistic development approach there is no way to bring them out from the vicious circle of poverty.

This community development project aims at attaining self-sufficiency in food production, creation of employment opportunities for unemployed men and women, providing primary education for the children as well as adult education and providing primary health care.

The objectives of the project include:

- Child Education

- Functional adult literacy

- Formation of groups for savings

- Income Generating Projects

- Revolving loans

- Training/Seminars

- Primary Health Care

- Staff Development Training

With these goals, BWAid will provide 50% of the overall cost.