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Micronesia: Chuuk needs six months to recover from typhoon

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30 AUGUST 2002 CHUUK (Pacnews) ---- FSM President Leo Falcam says it will take Chuuk State at least another six months to recover from the damage wrought by Typhoon Chata'an in July, according to the Pacific Daily News newspaper.

The typhoon struck Chuuk on 2 July, causing more than 30 landslides that killed 47 people and destroyed hundreds of homes and vital food crops.

The newspaper reported that around one thousand people have been displaced out of a population of 47,000.

A shipment of supplies collected by the Salvation Army left Guam bound for Chuuk yesterday.

Continental Micronesia airline has reportedly provided free cargo space to transport medicines and health supplies to the stricken state.