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Micronesia: after the storm

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Federation News 16/02
An estimated 1,300 people were displaced by Tropical Storm Chata'an which hit the Federated States of Micronesia last month, leaving 47 people dead. Of the hundreds injured, 30 remain hospitalized. Torrential rains caused 62 land and mudslides on the six largest islands of Chuuk lagoon, destroying 151 houses. The number of casualties and the extent of damage on the outer islands of Chuuk state are still unknown. A joint government/Red Cross assessment mission has been sent to these low-lying atolls. Red Cross volunteers have been distributing food and other relief items to displaced people in makeshift shelters and to others sheltered in community buildings. Red Cross teams are monitoring the health situation of displaced people lacking adequate sanitary facilities. The International Federation has released 30,000 Swiss francs (USD 20,000) from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to support the Micronesia Red Cross aid operation.