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The German government donated 800,000 KM for the purpose of mine action in BiH

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Sarajevo, 3.6.2015

Funds in the amount of 800,000 KM for the purpose of mine action in BiH in 2015, presenting continuation of German assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the implementation of 6 projects of clearance and technical survey in the municipalities of Konjic, Maglaj and Lukavac, at total size of 414,879 m2, will be allocated by German Embassy. As previously, funds will be channeled through ITF-Enhancing Human Security .

In addition to the mentioned allocation, the German government will allocate also approximately one million KM to their project partner NGO NPA, for the activities of clearance of areas in Usora, Doboj.
Up to now, German government invested over 56 million KM for the purposes of humanitarian demining operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.