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ACT update: Tonga 01-2002 - Rehabilitation for Hurricane Waka Victims - PATA21

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Geneva, 24 May 2002 - ACT partner, Tonga National Council of Churches (TNCC), has commenced implementation of the rehabilitation programme for Victims of Hurricane Waka. The funds received thus far are sufficient to construct 5 hurricane proof houses.

The following steps were taken to decide where the houses would be built and for which families. This was not an easy process as many more families still hope to receive assistance.

  • In consultation with Caritas it was agreed that the 5 families would be selected from villages other than those where Caritas is working. Caritas has started with 10 houses in three villages (Leimatu'a, Ta'anea and Mataika).

  • The National Disaster report was used by TNCC to select 5 villages marked as severely damaged.

  • It was decided to work together with the Vava'u National Youth Office as it has a strong network at the community level.

  • In consultation with the Vava'u National Disaster Representative and with the President of Vava'u National Youth Office, one family was identified in each of the selected 5 villages: Tu'anuku, Longomapu (Western District) and Ha'akio, Tu'anekivale and Ha'alaufuli (Eastern District).

  • The criteria used for the identification of beneficiaries were: status of houses (fully destroyed, living in temporary shelter); status of families (widow, children more than 4 living together with parents, elderly - over 70); ability to contribute.

  • The selection was given the final approval from the TNCC Disaster Management Team.

The building materials have been ordered from New Zealand and the shipments are expected to arrive directly to Vava'u island in May and June. A project co-ordinator has been identified as well as local contractors and the construction will start directly after the arrival of the first shipment. The contractors will be used only for the skilled work. The unskilled work will be done by the families and the village youth as part of their community contribution.

Please note that Appeal, PATA 21, is still open. TNCC welcomes additional funding to be able to assist more families in the reconstruction of their houses, damaged during Hurricane Waka.

Thank you for your attention.

For further information please contact:

ACT Director, Thor-Arne Prois (phone ++41 22 791 6033 or mobile phone ++ 41 79 203 6055) or
ACT Appeals Officer, Mieke Weeda (phone ++41 22 791 6035 or mobile phone ++ 41 79 285 2916)

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