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Handover of three tasks demining and opening of mine risk education project in Brcko District

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Last week in the zone of responsibility of the BH MAC RU Brcko, three tasks, financed by the ITF-USA, were handed over to the local authorities for further use. Tasks were implemented by NN IVSA, local demining organization.

Implemented projects are clearance projects: "Dubrava-drum 1A" 23.157,99m2 area, located in the Brcko District, the project "Blazevac 5" 38.581,31m2 area, located in the municipality Pelagićevo, and the project "Blazevac 6A" , located in the area of Brcko District.

At the same time, project MRE Obudovac, in D.Žabar municipality was opened. Activities will be implemented by NGO NPA.