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Financial Management Expert

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For our Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) for Remunerated External Experts we are looking for an Intermediate Asylum and Reception Financial Management Expert. The CEI aims to establish a List of Experts envisaged to be deployed to EUAA Asylum Support Teams as part of EUAA’s operations in different EU member States. The CEI includes 76 profiles in the field of asylum and reception and it is open for applications until 4 May 2024.

The indicative tasks for the Intermediate Asylum and Reception Financial Management Expert (profile n. 73) are the following:

· Support the management of expenditures and contracts related to awarded reception centres and draft related periodical financial reports in support of the competent national authorities to fulfil organisational requirements;

· Expenditure management and harmonisation of financial procedures related to asylum and/or reception system;

· Develop monitoring workflows and processes for the expenditures and contracts related to awarded reception centres and draft related periodical financial reports;

· Contribute to the harmonisation of financial procedures and systems related to the asylum and/or reception system and report on financial issues;

· Support the review and development of processes and workflows for the management of correspondence with public bodies and other relevant stakeholders regarding economic and financial matters in the relevant area of activity.

The candidate will meet the following requirements:

· Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business administration, Management, or related fields (EQF 6 or equivalent);

· 3 years or proven professional experience in a function related to administrative financial activities related to the tasks described;

· Proven professional experience in reviewing and controlling budgets and related tasks;

· Proven professional experience in the use of information systems supporting administrative financial activities;

  • Preferably proven professional experience in the asylum and/or reception sector.

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The details of the call including the procedure, conditions, the information about this specific profile (number 73), as well as the application details can be found on the following link: