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Academic Internship

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UNU-IIGH offers internships to bachelors and graduate-level students or young professionals with a keen interest to gain more experience in global health. The internship programme is UNU-IIGH’s initiative to cultivate and advance a new generation of global health scholars and professionals to extend research, policy and practice by enabling them to develop necessary capabilities and skills, expertise and perspectives.

Work placement internship is also available to those who wish to gain programme support experience in a UN agency.

A customised internship programme is organised depending on the ongoing programmes and supervisory/ mentorship availability at UNU-IIGH, and the time commitment, background and career interests of the intern.

The end goal is to provide interns with relevant exposure, experience and perspectives on global health policy, practice, and research through hands-on guidance, experience and learning, to develop a career and professional future in global health.

Interns will get to:

– participate in holistic real-world global health research, policy and practice-oriented projects within an international research and training organisation;

– be introduced and exposed to the work, structure and mission of UNU-IIGH, UNU and other UN bodies;

– prepare for future roles in global health and obtain a competitive edge for career initiation in international academic institutions, national government health institutions and regulatory agencies, health-focused non-profit, non-governmental organisations;

– interact and network with UNU-IIGH academics, staff and stakeholders at various levels of appointment

Interns are recruited through a competitive application process with no fixed closing date.

For more information, visit Internship at UNU-IIGH - International Institute for Global Health

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Internship Application

Applications will be accepted without a fixed closing date, but UNU-IIGH reserves the right to screen candidates for eligibility (outlined above).

Interested applicants are required to submit the following to

1. A cover letter outlining your reasons and motivations for applying, as well as the following:

– Intended activities

– Learning or outcomes proposed for the internship programme

As a general rule, please keep your cover letters concisely written (less than 500 words), with proper heading, subject, salutation, date and punctuation.

2. Updated resume, with contact details, academic record, publications and past work experiences (if any);

3. Completed UNU-IIGH internship application form.

For more information, visit Internship at UNU-IIGH - International Institute for Global Health