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This assignment aims at preparing a PPP feasibility study of a new oncology center in Addis Ababa for the Ministry of Health (MoH). The study will inform the PPP Board on the project’s technical, financial, economic, legal, and institutional viability.

The MoH avails a technical team that will support the short-term experts during the entire assignment’s duration. This technical team are tasked to support the experts and gather additional information as required.

The resident Expertise France advisor acts as the team leader and is responsible for managing the consistency and quality of the experts’ deliverables.

A pre-feasibility study was prepared in 2019 by PWC and will be shared with the selected experts. This prefeasibility study sheds light on the services to be provided, projected demand for oncology services, notional capital – and operating expenditures as well as an analysis of the payment options.

Safety conditions allowing, a combined field visit in Addis Ababa for all the experts of 10 working days is required and its timing will be coordinated with the stakeholders involved.

Separately, Expertise France will cover all expenses related to the field visit including per diem and flight tickets. The 10 days field visit can be split into several missions and this will be coordinated with Expertise France.

The oncology PPP project will be the first of its kind in the country and the MoH has no experience in managing a PPP contract of this magnitude and scope.

These constraints indicate that the project structuring should be kept as simple as possible. The selected experts must have experience working in the region and be comfortable working in a similar high uncertainty environment.

 A minimum of 10 years professional experience with both oncology services and clinical nuclear medicine and/or radiation therapy.


 Minimum of two (2) project references in the scoping and detailing of oncology services and clinical nuclear medicine/radiation therapy services.

 Experience in scoping and detailing required equipment for both oncology services and clinical nuclear medicine.

 Excellent English report drafting skills. • Master’s degree in medical physics/radiotherapy or a specialization in clinical ooncology from a recognized institution.

The health expert will have to work closely with a legal, financial and environmental teams recruited by Expertise France separately.

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