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Solidarités International
Date de clôture
Desired start date: ASAP

Duration of mission: 4 months (renewable)

Location: position based in Al Turbah - West Coast


SI opened tis mission in Yemen in 2017, establishing its coordination in Aden. With the support of the Emergency Desk, SI mission was able to quickly acquire operational capacity, which wasfirst deployed in Lahi Governorate, for implementation of WASH and Food Security PRogramming. Over the course of 2018, SI expanded the geographical scope of its intervention, and established presence in Al Turbah and Al Mokha in Taizz Governorate.

For the year 2020/21, the mission has a forecasted budget of about 10M euros.I operates from Aden, where the coordination is based, and 2 operational field bases located in Al Turbah and Al Mokha. The mission is run by 23 expatriates and 120 national staffs, and is funded by OFDA, CDC, YHPF, DutchMoFA and ECHO. SI programming in Yemen focuses on addressing immediate food needs of communities at risk of famine, as well as providing timely response to displacements of population and AWD/Cholera outbreaks. Its portfolio is primarily composed of WASH Emergency projects, along with unconditional cash distribution.

In Al Turbah and Ta’iz city, SI is currently implementing an OFDA/FFP funded project that is recovery oriented, based on an integrated WaSH/FSL and multi-year approach to support rural communities. In Ta’iz city, large urban WaSH infrastructures (pumping stations, boreholes) are being rehabilitated, as well as wash systems in public hospitals (water supply, sanitation and waste management). Water trucking for underserved frontline areas and wash in school component are also being developed and proposed to donors, as well as comprehensive packages of WaSH services for urban neighborhoods.

There are currently 5 expatriates and around 50 national staffs in Turbah/Ta’iz. Living and working premises standards are good and the current absence of extremist groups and direct threats towards NGOs or expatriate staff allows for some social and outdoors activities (souk shopping, park, football with neighbors, picnics with colleagues, BBQ…). Other INGOs are present in the Al Turbah including Care, Save the Children, Oxfam, INTERSOS and NRC. Limited UN presence.

  • General objectives

The mission is looking for a Logistics Manager, based in Al Turbah with regular visits to the sub-base in Ta’iz city where there is one log supervisor. He/she will be in charge of setting strong logistics and compliance procedures, especially in supply, and focus on national staff capacity building.

  • Specific stakes and challenges

Within the mission strategy, the current Deputy Log Manager is supposed to become Logistics Manager, therefore, the main objective of this position is set appropriate frame in order to enhance the capacity of the Deputy to take over more responsibilities.


The Logistics Manager will implement and supervise all logistics operations at his/her assigned base and sub-base. He/she will organize logistic support for programs, in keeping with Solidarités International procedures. He/she will assist the Field Coordinator in the implementation of safety rules.


The base Logistics Manager will manage a team of six logistics staffs (+ guards and drivers), which may increase or decrease depending on the scale of the projects and the base


Education and experience

  • Technical education and significant experience in the logistics
  • Previous experience as a Logs Manager (1-2 year) a prerequisite;
  • Experience in capacity building;
  • Experience in tensed context in terms of security is an asset;
  • Experience in remote management is an asset

Knowledge and technical skills

  • Expertise on local procurement;
  • Strong expertise on supply processes;
  • Experience on setting strong log procedures and compliance mechanisms ensuring log tools are known and used by all;
  • Ability to analyse and create data on log department to improve efficiency;
  • Good and proven writing and spoken English are required;
  • Arabic speaking is an asset;

Transferable skills

  • Transferable skills in logistics appreciated;
  • Main component of this position will be to train and delegate as much as possible to the Deputy Logistics Manager, ensuring he will be able to eventually take over the Logistics Manager position;
  • Knowledge and experience of the Yemen or Middle East countries appreciated;


  • Multi-project support experience;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Skill transfer ability highly appreciated;
  • Anticipation and self-organization capacities;
  • Great work and stress management capacities;
  • Willingness to work in complex and volatile environments;

A SALARIED POSITION: starting from 1980 euros gross per month (1800 € + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) and a monthly per diem of 750 USD a month. Please note that salary is not negotiable with SI.

VACATION: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time-off is implemented at the rate of one break after two months spent on the field. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 9 calendar days break for every 2 months spent on the field (with 850 USD allocated by Solidarités). In addition to these regular break, SI adds a day off per worked month. These days off as well as the breaks are not deducted from the paid leaves that are paid every months with your salary as they are offered by the organization.

SOCIAL AND MEDICAL COVER: Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.




The situation in terms of security remains tense in Aden and its surrounding Lahj governorate, due to the proximity of the frontline, the political unrest and the presence of various armed opposition groups. Main identified threats for Aden are crossfire (wrong place wrong time), kidnapping or hostage taking (even though there is no proven history of kidnapping of expatriates), crowd mob and road accidents.

Al Turbah

Rural Areas (Ash Shamayatayn, Al Ma’afer, Al Misrakh and Al Mawasit districts).

Al Turbah is located south of Taiz city in Shamayatayn governorate. The security situation remains quite stable in rural areas despite potential instability related to political tensions (sporadic cross fire between rival military brigades cannot be completely ruled out), and some private disputes that sometimes escalates to small arm fire usually related to land ownership issues. In March 2021, military operations from IRG (International Recognised Government) started against AA (Houthis) in different parts of the frontline in the governorate, the closest to Al Turbah being Hayfan district, around 25Km far but difficult to access by mountain roads, so the risk of the city being impacted in terms of security is low.

Ta’iz city

Ta’iz city remains surrounded by frontlines between IRG and AA, and crossline fire occurs on a sporadic and erratic manner, however at a limited scale. Overall the security situation inside the city has largely improved since 2018 when Ta’iz was the most conflict-impacted city in Yemen and host to some extremists’ groups. Jihadi and salafi groups have since been pushed out and the general security has improved. However, criminal groups are active, clashes and shelling happen on a regular basis and evacuation options are limited. Access to the city and overnight are possible for expatriate staff but under strict security protocol and according to the situation that is monitored closely by Al Turbah base security team. Some nearby frontlines in the East and the West are impacted by the recent military activities, but for the moment they are not too close to the city which remains accessible and has no implementation restrictions

Key information about living conditions


The coordination team and office are based in Aden.

Passing by Aden you’ll be accomodated in a shared guesthouse (same building of the office). Security rules in Aden are rather restrictive, with a curfew at 8 pm, extended to 9 pm in the area where most INGOs are located. Trips to the field is possible for expatriates under certain condition but are limited to keep the presence of international staff low profile.

Al Turbah

In Al Turbah expats are living in individual rooms in the shared guesthouse with very good conditions and the staff are motivated to keep a good living environment by cooking together and sharing quality time. The guesthouse and the office are located in the same compound but in different buildings with a garden in between, where a small vegetable and herb garden is being tested. The guesthouse also has a nice roof space and sport equipment. Movements on foot in the city are restricted but authorized, with few pre-assessed and validated areas for groceries shopping, haircut, etc. There is a good variety of food items in the local markets (also imported) and fresh fruits/vegetables.

Ta’iz city

In Ta’iz city, the guesthouse also offers good conditions and comfort but for now movements are restricted to work related only (no walk policy) with a curfew from 06:00 pm to 06:00 am. We are currently looking to change premises in an area where other NGOs are relocating.

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