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Duties and Responsibilities:

· Guarding and protecting the premises

· Guards are not to sleep whilst on duty and to remain alert.

· Guards are responsible to ensure that vehicles are not parked across the ACTED entrances or vehicle gates.

· They are also to ensure that both ACTED and visitors’ vehicles are parked orderly in their designated areas.

· Guards are to inspect all non-ACTED vehicles entering an ACTED premises · Guards are to inspect ACTED vehicles parked outside of the premises overnight are to first thing in the morning

· Guards are to report the loss of any items or equipment to the public relation assistant.

· Guards are to ensure that gates are locked at night.

· Guards are to conduct regular checks of the perimeter of the premises ·

· Guards are to meet the visitors and quickly and politely ascertains the reason for visit. The following information is to be obtained.

  1. The name of the visitor and which organization she/he is from.

  2. Who the visitor wants to meet with.

  3. Purpose and duration of the visit.

The guard is to check the identification of the visitor. The person to be visited is to be notified to confirm authorization for the visit.

Once confirmation is given, the guard is to escort visitor into the premises to the relevant staff.

In the event of a fire, guards are to try to extinguish the fire with available equipment · Guards are to perform other tasks as requested by their supervisor

Qualifications and Requirements:

· The candidate is preferably to have been living in Sejjo town, at least for the last six months.

· The candidate should have previous experience as guard or related field such as police or security

· The candidate age should be between 18 and 45.

· The candidate has to be physically and personally fit

· The candidate has to be able to write and read well in Arabic

· The candidate has to be able to use basic communication means, especially WhatsApp

· The candidate has to be accountable and committed to bear responsibility

· The candidate has to be punctual and trustee The candidate has to be initiative and able to work with little supervision

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants must apply by fill the application form by this link

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.