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Data Scientist – EPoD India at IFMR (Delhi)

Fecha de cierre

Who We Are:

EPoD India at LEAD at Krea University, in collaboration with Yale University’s Economic Growth Center and MacMillan Center, work together to use economic frameworks and analytical tools to answer pressing policy questions and spur real-world change. We partner with policymakers to understand challenges to achieving policy objectives, design and test interventions, and share applicable insights from economic theory and empirics to more effectively deliver public services and improve the well-being of vulnerable groups. Current areas of research include gender and economic engagement (labor markets, technology, and financial inclusion); environmental policy, and governance.

The Role:

This position will support tech-linked research across multiple studies and teams. The position will allow a candidate with strong Computer Science skills to conduct regular web scraping, process large datasets, manage AWS instance, and support technical developments ranging from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS-based interventions to an existing mobile and web app. The ideal candidate will also effectively liaise with external technical vendors and consultants, along with government stakeholders working in programming and technical development. Candidates will preferably have an economics/public policy and related data science background. They will also be tasked with data science related work involving producing visualizations, web dashboards, and statistical analyses for internal and external use. Our research portfolio is dynamic, so tasks may change over time. The candidate would have the opportunity to work with Principal Investigators and Research Teams.


· Write and document code to automate the download and processing of data from public sources.

· Manage multiple AWS instances to optimize data ETL and storage across the organization.

· Develop, deploy and support research-linked technical developments ranging from IVR to SMS to Android app and web app tools.

· Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to progress on tech developments, ensure developments are well-maintained, and understand how our work can complement that of policy counterparts.

· Develop, document and train staff on coding and data organization best practices to ensure data processes and storage are optimized across the organization.

· As requested, conduct data cleaning and analysis. Create summary graphs, figures, and other visualizations to understand relationships between variables and trends over time.

· As needed, create dynamic and interactive data visualizations that can be shared with policymakers, or displayed with research results. Work with research teams to further tailor these outputs to specific policy audiences.

· Identify low-efficiency data-related tasks across the organization and develop and deploy tools to improve team productivity- e.g., through improving survey-related data practices.

· Other tasks as needed

Basic Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or another discipline with a quantitative emphasis

· Applied proficiency with statistical and/or scripting languages (Stata, R (+tidyverse), Python (+numpy), …) for data cleaning, data manipulation, and some statistical analysis

· Ability to rapidly and confidently self-learn new languages and new libraries to a level of basic proficiency

· Proven ability to manage multiple tasks and propose solutions in a timely manner with minimal supervision

· Excellent attention to detail

· Capacity to maintain an organized and structured work style in a fast-paced environment

· Entrepreneurial attitude and strong work ethic to both identify high-value activities and complete them in a timely manner

Preferred Qualifications:

· Proficiency with at least some of the following skills, in roughly declining order of importance:

o Web scraping (rvest, beautifulsoup, Selenium, …)

o Visualization (ggplot2, D3, Tableau, …)

o Literate computing (Rmarkdown, shiny, jupyter notebooks, …)

o Version control (git, SVN, …)

o Web design (HTML, CSS, JS, …)

o Web deployment (AWS configuration, XAMPP, …)

· Experience working in economic research or a familiarity with fundamental economic concepts

· Solid understanding of research project design and processes, experience with RCT’s

This position will be based in Delhi, India.

What we offer

· A competitive salary by local standards.

· An opportunity to engage with acclaimed researchers from international universities such as Yale, Stanford, LSE, Duke, etc.

· A potential to develop own skills in economic and policy research.

· A dynamic and engaging environment which involves multiple stakeholders.

· An opportunity to grow within the organization.

Cómo solicitar

If you are interested in this position, please fill out our Screening Questionnaire; you will be asked to upload a single PDF containing your CV, cover letter, and academic transcripts. Label your file “Last name, First name – Data Scientist – New Delhi”.

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