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Open Call - Lead Analyst

Closing date

About COAR: COAR is an independent social enterprise that directly supports practitioners, policy-makers, and donors by facilitating humanitarian and development interventions in complex, fragile, and high-risk environments. COAR delivers neutral and objective research and analysis, which identifies - but does not influence - local stakeholders, relationships, interests, and analyses broader political, economic, social, and security dynamics and trends. COAR research leverages social media, personal networks, research teams, and local experts in order to map and translate the local human context; COAR analysis synthesizes and studies this data in order to inform both programmatic and strategic decision-making, reduce security and conflict sensitivity risks, and increase the impact of humanitarian, development, stabilization, peace-building, and peacekeeping initiatives.

Overview: The Lead Analyst will be expected to expand on COAR’s expertise of the status and legacy of the Syrian conflict, through both secondary and primary research, as well as through conceptual and methodological rigor. In addition, the Lead Analyst will undertake data collection, provide research outputs, and provide high-quality, academic-level reports on the interaction between politics, economics, conflict/security risk, social dynamics, and humanitarian needs in the Syrian context. Finally, the Lead Analyst will ensure consistency and quality of all analytical products assigned by COAR.


The Lead Analyst will:

  • Oversee the management of all COAR Analysts.
  • Actively track trends with regards to military/security, political, economic, social, and humanitarian developments on the ground in Syria, as well as the broader region.
  • Follow social media, traditional media, and other open-source outlets with validity, reliability, and granularity in mind.
  • Analyze local, national, and regional developments within the Syrian context in collaboration with the COAR's Research Unit and Research Unit Lead.
  • Be available to thoughtfully provide responses for requests for information (RFIs) on specific issues, topics, or projects. The Lead Analyst should expect requests for input (research and analysis) outside of normal working hours.
  • Oversee the research for and the production and editing of regular periodical COAR products.
  • Work in a committed, professional manner with consistency, integrity, and confidentiality.


The Lead Analyst will:

  • Design and implement research plans and analytical pieces for COAR. This thematic analysis may either be assigned to the Lead Analyst to carry out independently or as a team lead. This includes all COAR analytical products, to include periodical products, thematic reports, and other COAR products as needed.
  • Provide research and analysis for external ad hoc requests for information (RFIs) on local, country-level, regional, and international developments related to the Syrian context, to be provided for COAR's clients.
  • Produce materials, documents, and PowerPoint presentations for briefings, workshops, conferences, or other events attended or hosted by COAR.
  • Regularly engage with donors, policy makers, or COAR clients/stakeholders as needed.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate for COAR Lead Analyst will have:

  • A Master's degree in Political Science, International Affairs/Relations, Middle East Studies, Public Policy, Journalism, Anthropology, Sociology, or a related field.
  • Five to seven years of experience collecting and analyzing qualitative data for a research institution, think tank, publication, or NGO. Experience in the collection of highly sensitive primary information from a field researcher network highly desirable.
  • Three to five years of experience working in the humanitarian, early recovery, stabilization, or development field. Work experience with an implementing local or international NGO highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the regional Middle East context.
  • Demonstrated understanding of donor-funded humanitarian, early recovery, stabilization, and/or development architecture.
  • Excellent command of written and verbal English; working-level proficiency in Arabic preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability and/or willingness to work under tight deadlines, provide real-time data points and analysis with accuracy under pressure, and off-work hours.
  • Commitment to client confidentiality.

How to Apply

Please note that this is an open call for CVs. If you believe you fit the criteria above, please send your CV and letter of motivation to, listing ‘COAR Lead Analyst’ in the subject line.