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Request for Proposal - Development and Marketing of a Mobile app to link Employers and Job Seekers

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Three million young Ethiopians are estimated to enter the labour force every year. Despite undertaking mega employment intensive projects in the manufacturing, construction as well as trade and services sector, the Government of Ethiopia still faces challenges in ensuring productive employment opportunities for both rural and urban youth. Moreover, there are limited platforms to link job seekers with the opportunities that best match their skills, needs and interest. The ILO assessment on the Public Employment Services Provision and Labour Market Information Collection and Utilization in Ethiopia[1] concluded that Public employment services in Ethiopia are inefficient and less effective due to the insufficient infrastructure and utilities needed to provide effective, and up-to-date service to job seekers including the registration of job seekers, the provision of counseling services or providing job matching and placement assistance. The public employment services were also found to be weak in collecting and compiling LMI, and facilitating the dissemination of data on labour market.

Due to this limited access to employment, low-skilled Ethiopians tend to look for job opportunities abroad. Ethiopia, as a major labour sending country is now facing an increased return rate of Ethiopian migrants. Countries such as Saudi Arabia have started deporting, in mass, undocumented Ethiopian migrants to their country as part of the “Saudization” of the KSA labour market aimed at creating job opportunities for young unemployed Saudis and regularization of the labour market. Between November 2013 and March 2014, more than 163,018 Ethiopian migrants were forcibly repatriated. Moreover, following the declaration of the KSA Government in March 2017 marking the end of the final amnesty period for all irregular migrants to voluntarily leave the country, an estimated 190,000 Ethiopians are estimated to have returned.

Returnees face a number of challenges to sustainably reintegrate and make a living in their homeland. As a result, the ILO has been implementing EU funded development cooperation project entitled ‘*Support to the reintegration of returnees in Ethiopia’*, with an aim to provide individualized and right-based reintegration assistance to returning migrants and local community members with a particular focus on vulnerable women and girls. As part of this project, the ILO intend to use digital platforms such as phone app. to connect job seekers to suitable job opportunities. These platforms are expected to make it easier for returnees to access jobs opportunities easily; address the mismatch in the demand and supply of low-skilled labour; reduce the cost of recruitment; and allow individuals to market themselves to a wider audience. Moreover, migrants in the destination countries can easily look at available jobs in Ethiopia, which will prepare them better for their return and economic reintegration. In this regards, the ILO is looking for a consulting firm to develop a job matching mobile application to link employers and job seekers (returnees) in the non-professional sector.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The main purpose of the assignment is to develop a user friendly and viable mobile app that will facilitate employment opportunities for returnees in Ethiopia by linking employers and job seekers in the non-professional sector. More specifically the app needs to contain the following information:

  1. Detailed information of low-skilled employers in different field;

  2. A platform where job seekers can upload their CV or work experiences;

  3. Available job offers;

  4. A platform where job seekers can discuss among themselves on challenges and opportunities they are facing.

  5. Once a worker is registered and indicates the kind of job they are seeking, the app. should send a nudge/reminder/notification once such jobs are available.

Scope of the Consultancy

The task of the consulting firm will be to design and develop the app and assist in the launch and marketing of the app. to ensure that the mobile app is widely used by employers and job seekers.


The duration of the consultancy is 3 months after the signing of the agreement between the two parties.

Required Competencies/Qualifications

  • The team leader should hold a BA degree (at the minimum) in software engineering or related field from a reputable university and have excellent mobile app developing skills and knowledge of Java and XML and other open source programming languages with at least 3 years’ experience on mobile app development.
  • The consulting firm should have proven record of innovation in the mobile platform and application field.
  • The Consulting firm should have proven record of applications on the market in both Android and Apple iOS
  • The Consulting firm must have a team of experts that include technology experts, coders and mobile platform innovation experts.
  • The Consulting firm will need to present portfolio of previous apps developed using open source programming language to demonstrate her/his skills and special talents
  • The Consulting firm should be able to solve problems creatively and adapt her/his style, creativity and imagination while enjoying creative work
  • The Consulting firm must have proven experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies to better market a product. It must have an excellent working relationship with existing print and broadcast media and have expertise and experience in leading branding and campaign work.
  • Team leader should have proven ability of innovation with a working knowledge of the United Nations
  • Knowledge of the country context, ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, and willingness and capability to accommodate feedback is expected.

[1] International Labour Organization, Public Employment Services Provision and Labour Market Information Collection and Utilization in Ethiopia, 2016

How to Apply

Interested applicants should request the detailed Request for Proposal (other than this advertisement) by emailing to until 17 September 2018. Those who do not request for the Request for Proposal, will not be eligible to participate in the bid. Interested applicants must submit their financial and technical proposals (including all documents required in the detailed Request for Proposal) by 28 September 2018 to the following address:

ILO Country Office for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan and for the Special Representative to the AU and the ECA By hand delivery: Congo Building, Room No. 536

By post mail: PO Box 2788

UNECA Compound- Addis Ababa