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Mozambique: Storms and Floods - Jan 2012

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Tropical Storm Dando, a category one storm with associated winds (up to 70km/h) and moderate to heavy rainfall, hit southern Mozambique on 17 Jan 2012 and caused flooding and damage to houses and schools in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane. Heavy rainfall in South Africa and Swaziland caused a steady increase of water levels in the Maputo, Umbeluzi and Incomati Basins, flooding low-lying areas in Magude and Chokwe. (Office of the Resident Coordinator, 20 Jan 2012)

With no new cases of flooding reported in weeks, the combined impact of tropical storms Dando, Funso and Irina in Mozambique was as follow: 44 deaths, with 108,048 people (25,880 households) affected. An estimated 28,000 homes were destroyed, damaged or flooded, 735 classrooms and 31 health units damaged and 140,538 ha of crops affected, of which 41,979 ha were totally lost. The focus shifted to early recovery activities. (OCHA, 5 Apr 2012)

In southern Malawi, the situation normalized and the majority of displaced had returned to their homes. However, around 4,328 people were still displaced in ad hoc shelter sites. Small to medium scale flooding continued to occur across the country. As of 12 Mar 2012 , an estimated total of 18,484 households (92,420 people) have been affected to some extent by storms and floods. (OCHA, 5 Apr 2012)