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Congo: Chikungunya and Measles Outbreak - May 2011

Disaster types

A chikungunya outbreak affected the cities of Brazzaville, Pointe Noire and Pool in the Republic of Congo in June 2011, affecting about 11,000 people. Joint efforts by the government, the Red Cross and other partners contributed to fighting effectively against this epidemic, as no new case was declared since week 32 of 2011.. (IFRC, 28 Mar 2012)

A measles epidemic was declared officially in Pointe Noire on 10 June 2011. By then, 687 cases and 32 deaths were registered. In response to the epidemic, Government, supported by its partners organized an anti-measles immunization campaign that took place from 22 June to 26 July 2011 targeting 142,397 children aged 6 to 8 months. The measles epidemic occurred at a time when the country was still fighting against a poliomyelitis outbreak. In the meantime, other outbreaks occurred, namely chikungunya and cholera, which complicated the implementation of the measles operation. The Congolese Red Cross, supported by IFRC’s Central Africa Regional Representation (CARREP), succeeded in implementing all antimeasles activities as planned . (IFRC, 13 Mar 2012)