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Tropical Storm Haima - Jun 2011

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Cyclone tropical

Heavy downpours brought on by tropical storm Haima, which landed on the coast of south China's Guangdong Province on 23 Jun 2012, affected some 5,100 people and forced the evacuation of 800 (Xinhua, 24 June 2011).

Typhoon Haima made landfall in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) on 24-26 Jun 2011, causing heavy rains and subsequent floods in central and northern parts of the country. Later during the first week of August, Tropical Storm Nock-Ten hit Lao PDR. Flooding and landslides affected 340,000 people in 96 districts within 12 provinces, causing damage to over 64,000 hectares of farmland, 323 roads and 42 bridges. Most rice seedlings were destroyed, and infrastructure, including bridges and roads, in need of repair. A total of 30 people were reported killed. (IFRC, 13 Apr 2012)

As Haima moved through the upper region of Thailand, heavy rains prompted the water levels in smaller canals and rivers to rise and flow quickly into Nan River (Government, 26 Jun 2012).

In Viet Nam, the storm caused floods and devastated 14,250 hectares of rice crop and vegetables; at least 16 people were killed (Government, 30 Jun 2012).