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Indonesia: Mt. Merapi Volcano - Oct 2010

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On 25 October 2010, seismic activity developed into the eruption of Mt.) Merapi. It was followed by an earthquake and tsunami approximately 70 km from the Mentawai Islands. The eruption left 34 people dead, and displaced more than 70,000 people. (IFRC, 3 Nov 2010)

A further eruption on 1 November 2010 resulted in 360,557 displaced and 577 injured people. (IFRC, 30 Sep 2011)

Pyroclastic materials and cold lava flows destroyed thousands of houses and the surrounding area. (World Bank, 29 Dec 2010)

Between the Merapi volcanic eruption and the Mentawai earthquake and tsunami, approximately 103,750 people were in need of support. The IFRC launched an emergency appeal to support the Indonesian Red Cross in their response. (IFRC, 26 Apr 2011) This emergency appeal received a total income of CHF 3,091,118 (with an expenditure of CHF 2,814,292) and was closed on 30 September 2011. (IFRC, 30 Sep 2011)