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DR Congo: Floods - Jul 2010

RD del Congo
Tipos de desastres

In July 2010, floods devastated the Basunkusu area, located in the northern part of the Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nearly 300 homes were totally destroyed, leaving an estimated 1,500 individuals homeless. Humanitarians feared that, due to the weak structure of most dwellings, this figure could significantly increase. The population was in urgent need of shelter, household goods, clean water, medicines, and food. Thanks to UN agencies joint efforts, the following was provided: water purification materials, as well as 100 emergency kits with household goods; 500 blankets and 250 anti-malaria mosquito nets to the homeless; over 300 kg of medical supplies were delivered along with the provision of four reproductive health kits. (OCHA, 30 Jul 2010)