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Tropical Storm Matthew - Sep 2010

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Tropical Cyclone

On 23 September 2010, Tropical Storm Matthew developed while approaching the Central American Atlantic coastline. Several preventive measures were taken to respond to the increased risk as Central America had previously experienced high rainfall since Tropical Storm Agatha that left the soil extremely saturated. The Nicaraguan and Costa Rican governments issued yellow alerts, while the Guatemalan and El Salvadoran governments issued an orange alert and the Honduran government issued a red alert for the municipalities near the Ulua River. Matthew made landfall in Nicaragua on 24 September and swept through Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Mexico over the following days. As anticipated, heavy rains resulted from the storm, leading to several local floods and landslides, but assessments revealed that the damaged was not as severe as originally anticipated. (IFRC, 13 April 2011)