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East Africa: Floods - Mar 2010

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Heavy rains starting in February 2010 were experienced in the East African Region, resultiing in flooding in Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. Resulting landslides in Uganda affected more than 50,000 people across the country with an estimated 400 people killed in Bududa district(IFRC, 31 July 2010). 94 people were reported dead in various parts of Kenya with over 12,167 households displaced and 141,164 people affected (IFRC, 22 Sept 2010). Landslides in Rubavu, Rwanda killed 14 people and displaced 1,184 households (IFRC, 22 Nov 2010). In Burundi's Chitiboke Provice, 198 families had their houses severely damaged (IFRC, 22 Sept 2010 ). Crops, land under cultivation, domestic livestock, roads and sanitation systems were were also destroyed all over the region.