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Tajikistan: Floods - Apr 2010

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As a result of heavy rains on 11 April 2010, rural areas of Tajikistan were affected by flooding and landslides. Around 18 villages throughout the country were affected. At least 319 houses (with 1,914 inhabitants) were damaged, out of which 5 houses totally destroyed. Two people were killed by the floods.

Besides the 18 affected villages, more than 10 villages are under the risk of flooding and landslide. In addition, at least 4 schools, 9 bridges, 5 kms of internal roads were damaged and 10 heads of livestock died. Many villagers, who left their households because of the flooding were hosted by relatives and neighbours. (IFRC April 2010)

Overall, heavy rains from 25 March to 5 May 2010 resulted in flooding, mudflows and landslides in 21 districts across Tajikistan. According to Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CoES) at least 5,288 people have been affected together with over 1,000 houses, seven schools, 300 head of cattle and over 2,000 hectares of cultivated land and gardens. The kitchens and hygiene facilities of houses were either destroyed or damaged by the disasters. Over 50 kilometers of structures intended to protect housing from mud flows have been destroyed. The greatest overall damage is reported to have occurred in Vose and Muminabad districts. (UNCT May 2010)