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Cameroon: Cholera Outbreak - Jun 2010

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In 2010, the Far North and North regions of Cameroon experienced the most serious cholera epidemic in Cameroon for several decades. The first case was registered on 6 May, and the disease spread rapidly, reaching all 28 health districts that make up the Far North region. In July, the cholera epidemic reached the North region and affected 10 out of the 15 health districts. The week of 12 to 17 Oct was the most dangerous one with more than 8,000 cases of cholera registered and more than 500 deaths just for the Far North region. Thanks to joint efforts by the Government and its partners, the number of cases and deaths began to drop progressively week after week as from November. By the end of the year, 9,399 cases and 599 deaths were registered in Far North region, while the North region had registered 494 cases, including 22 deaths. (IFRC, 24 May 2011)