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Latin America: Dengue Outbreak - Mar 2010

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As of 8 March 2010, the countries of the Region reported a total of 146,006 cases of dengue, out of which 2,706 were severe dengue. A total of 79 deaths have been reported, with a Regional fatality rate of 2.9%. (PAHO, 8 Mar 2010)

At the beginning of 2011, several countries in South America were experiencing a significant increase of cases of dengue. By the sixth epidemiological week the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) informed that there were 22,556 dengue cases, 469 severe dengue and 24 deaths in the Andean region, requiring high mobilization of financial and human of resources. In addition, the region was confronting periods of intense rains related to La Niña weather phenomena which increased the risk of mosquito-breeding grounds. (IFRC, 21 September 2011)