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Somalia: Floods - Mar 2010

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In early March 2010 heavy rains in the Gebiley area (the border between Ethiopia and Somaliland) caused flooding, resulting in the damage of farmlands of 1,000 families (OCHA, 5 March 2010). In Hiran, Juba and Shabelle river catchments,floods damaged standing crops (GIEWS, 25 Oct 2010) Beginning April 2010, heavy rains were received in Hiraan, Lower Shabelle and Lower/Middle Juba regions. Heavy rains in the Juba and Shabelle river catchments in Ethiopia resulted in increased river levels along the two rivers in Somalia. (OCHA, 16 April 2010) By mid May, floods had damaged crops and displaced approximately 100 households in Jamaame, Middle Juba, and another 100 households in Belet Weyne, Hiraan. ((OCHA, 14 May 2010)

A storm which hit parts of the Puntland coastline and heavy rains in Belet Weyne, resulted in the displacement of an estimated 3000 households in May 2010. (OCHA, 28 May 2010), (OCHA, 18 June 2010) In June 2010, floods affected several villages, damaging crops, destroying roads and displacing more than 300 households in Lower Shabelle and Middle Juba. (OCHA, 04 June 2010). In Belet Weyne, response activities continued smoothly benefiting the 3,000 affected households and as flood waters continued to subside on the Juba and Shabelle Rivers, field reports indicated that at least 30 percent of the 3,000 had returned to their homes towards the end of June. (OCHA, 25 June 2010)