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Typhoon Morakot - Aug 2009

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A severe Typhoon Morakot lashed the island of Taiwan and several coastal provinces of mainland China, including Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong in April 2010. (IFRC, 30 Apr 2010)

As of 26 August, according to authorities in Taipei, Typhoon Morakot had claimed 461 lives, and left 254 missing. In Kaohsiung County alone, 392 deaths were reported. At least 769,159 households have been directly affected, with more than 6,000 displaced individuals housed in emergency temporary shelters.

The agriculture authorities in Taipei estimate a direct loss of TWD 14.5 billion (US$450 million) in agriculture, forestry, fishing and herding sectors. Heave rainfall related to the typhoon has damaged nearly 4,900 hectares of agricultural land in Pingtung, Chiayi, Taitung and Kaohsiung Counties. In the five most affected provinces in mainland China; Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui and Ziangsu; eight people were reported dead so far, and more than 16,000 houses were damaged. Around 14.3 million people were estimated to be affected by the typhoon. (OCHA, 27 Aug 2009)

As of 1 September, 614 deaths have been confirmed (including 12 people in the mainland provinces), and over 92 people were recorded as missing. Kaohsiung County was the most affected, with more than 400 deaths reported. More than 1.62 million people were evacuated. The extent of damage to livelihoods and infrastructure, including electrical infrastructure, telecommunication and hydrological facilities, was substantial. Agriculture was the hardest hit sector. In the mainland alone, more than 3.4 million hectares of farmlands were critically damaged by flood waters. Direct economic losses were estimated at US$ 5.3 billion approximately. (OCHA, 2 Sep 2009) As of January, at least 630 people died in Taiwan (UNDRR, 28 Jan 2010)