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Cameroon: Cholera Outbreak - Oct 2009

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A cholera outbreak started hitting northern Cameroon in September 2009. The first cases were registered in Mayo-oulo, in the North Region, during the epidemiological week from 31 Aug to 6 Sep. In the Far North Region, the first cases were registered in Bourha, a town neighbouring Nigeria. It is alleged that the outbreak was caused by the contamination of the Mobi water source that originates in Nigeria and runs through Bourha. Cholera cases were also registered in Nigeria in populations living along the same Mobi water source. In total, 702 cases of cholera were registered, with an average lethality rate of 12 per cent in the Far North region, and 13 per cent in the North region. After a Red Cross intervention, a very limited number of sporadic cases were registered, the last on 7 Dec which was quickly brought under control in health centres with the support of Red Cross volunteers and community relays that were now equipped with adequate intervention materials. (IFRC, 21 Apr 2010)