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Typhoon Damrey - Sep 2005

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Disaster types
Tropical Cyclone

The Philippines: On 21 September, Tropical Storm Labuyo (internationally code-named Damrey) lashed northeast Luzon, flooding provinces including Ilocos Norte, Cagayan and Isabela, and triggering landslides, which destroyed structures and cut off access between towns and cities. According to the Office of Civil Defence (OCD), at least 16 people were confirmed dead due to drowning and landslides, while some 20,000 were living in temporary shelters in the northern provinces as of 23 September.(IFRC, 23 Sep 2005)

Typhoon Damrey moved away from southern Chinese island of Hainan Province on 27 September. Death toll in China [as of 29 September was] 9 [...] An estimated 5,719,000 people were affected and 436,000 people were moved to safer place in Hainan Province, Guangdon Province and Guangxi Province. (OCHA, 29 Sep 2005)

On 26 September, Typhoon Damrey affected all coastal provinces in Viet Nam from Quang Ninh to Quang Nam and Da Nang. By 27 September the wind speed reached 133 km/h hitting provinces from Hai Phong to Thanh. A total of 59 people reportedly died and more than 13 people were injured by Damrey and rains brought by the typhoon. The total death toll by Damrey in the Philippines, China and Viet Nam reached at least 90 as of 30 September. (OCHA, 30 Sep 2005)