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Guinea: Floods - Aug 2022

Disaster types

From 25 to 26 August, heavy and uninterrupted rains fell across Guinea, causing flooding in several prefectures. Some 13 of the 27 districts of the Kankan province, and 7 of the 12 sub-prefectures have experienced varying levels of impact, according to Guinea National Red Cross and National Disaster Management Agency. Rains continue to fall in the country and in Kankan province. [...]

The detail from the rapid assessment indicates that 24,135 are the most affected amongst those and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. So far, 93 houses are reported to have been destroyed, 335 people displaced, 320 water points and 375 latrines destroyed. Additionally, 3,928 of the most affected population are children under the ages of 5 years, 873 pregnant women, 1732 breastfeeding women, 87 persons with disabilities, 649 elderly persons. (IFRC, 16 Sep 2022)