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Georgia: Floods - Jun 2022

Tipos de desastres

Through June 21-26, 2022, heavy rains and strong wind seriously affected ten (10) municipalities in Georgia (Kazbegi, Tianeti, Dusheti, Tkibuli, Kutaisi, Ambrolauri, Senaki, Khobi, Poti and Zugdidi). The scope of the disaster covers Eastern and Western Georgia, both rural and urban settlements located in flatlands and high mountainous regions. Subsequently to heavy rainfall, central and adjacent streets of the settlements were flooded, roads were destroyed by the sudden mudflows and landslides or blocked by trees, many villages were flooded, and other state infrastructure such as bridges and inland roads, and power transmission towers were damaged. It became necessary to evacuate hundreds of people to shelters established by the local municipalities. Some families are still staying in flood-affected areas due to personal reasons but may require relocation and other forms of recovery support. (IFRC, 8 Jul 2022)