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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Floods - Nov 2021

Types de catastrophes
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During the night of 5 November 2021, central, eastern and southern parts of the country were hit by flash floods caused by intensive rainfall. Rivers Zeljeznica, Miljacka, Bosna and Neretva, together with smaller rivers which flow into them, flooded the area, causing damages and prompting evacuations. There are currently 18 affected municipalities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Republic of Srpska. Affected municipalities are: Ilidza, Trnovo, East Ilidza, Trnovo (FBIH), Stari Grad, Konjic, Jablanica, Novi Grad, Kiseljak, Goražde, Pale (FBIH), Pale, Foča, Sokolac, Gacko, Foča (FBIH) and Novo Sarajevo. Another 5 municipalities were less affected. Landslides are recorded in different areas around the country. Wider area of Sarajevo remained without drinking water for up to three days, making the total number of affected people around 250,000. (IFRC, 22 Nov 2021)