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Benin: Floods - Sep 2021

Types de catastrophes

Benin has suffered from heavy rains in the past weeks, with 38 communes out of 77 suffering from rising waters with at least 9 flood related deaths and dozens more due to water-related accidents. Numerous socio-community infrastructures, including above fifty elementary school and a dozen colleges, were affected. In addition, several houses were destroyed or damaged, as well as crossing structures. Significant agricultural and livestock losses were recorded.

Following the intensification of heavy rains over the past two weeks, and the release of water at the Nagbeto dam, municipalities located on the coasts of the Mono, Ouémé and Niger rivers in Benin experienced a peak in the overflow of the river by mid-September. This situation led to widespread flooding in the Municipalities of Karimama, Malanville, Zangnanado, Zogbodomey, Ouinhi, Aguégués, Dangbo, Athiémé, Grand-Popo, and Zè, with several villages currently under water. This has placed these areas on red alert. It should also be noted that, according to Benin Meteorology, heavy rains will continue until the end of November 2021, and water is likely to be released from the Nagbeto dam in the coming days, which could worsen the situation. (IFRC, 25 Oct 2021)