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Georgia: Floods - Sep 2021

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During 22-24 September 2021, heavy rains seriously affected five municipalities in the western part of Georgia, in the Autonomies Republic of Adjara and Guria region. The total population in five affected municipalities stands at 195,193, of which 1,780 people (445 household) were heavily affected. The volume of rainfall, in addition to the subsequent landslides, exceeded the capacity of the households to respond in a timely manner and prevent the damages to their properties. [...] The heavy rain also activated the landslides in the rural areas of the affected municipalities. Houses of 20 households in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and 5 households in Guria region were destroyed. [...] The flooding and landslides are also found to have made significant damages to the agricultural land plots and fruit orchards of the local population. It is noteworthy, that subsistence and commercial agriculture are primary sources of income of rural households in Georgia, including the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and Guria region. The damage caused by the disaster is foreseen to have a detrimental effect on the longer-term livelihoods of the people affected. (IFRC, 8 Oct 2021)