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Central African Republic: Floods - Aug 2021

República Centroafricana
Tipos de desastres

On 07 August 2021, torrential rain fell on Bangui and its surroundings from 2 pm to 10 pm. Ten (10) districts of the 6th arrondissement and six (6) of Bimbo were hard hit, as well as cities of Birao and Baoro, affecting a total of about 799 households (3,952 people). To date, there are a total of 721 households affected, i.e. about 3,605 people affected, including 389 men, 527 women, 2,589 children, 41 pregnant women, 151 lactating women, 18 elderly people. Several damages were observed, including 269 houses destroyed, 135 houses partially destroyed, 94 water wells destroyed, 107 latrines destroyed or flooded. (IFRC, 27 Aug 2021)