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Sudan: Floods - Jul 2021

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Gedaref State: On 21 July 2021, a flash flood affected Al Fao locality in the Gedaref State due to heavy rainfall in the Al Butanah catchment area. According to reports received over 150 houses in village 16, village 14, Al-Abhath, Haj AlSayed, and Tiako villages have been affected by the flooding. No reports of deaths or injuries have been received so far. The main water source in AlFao town and the electric power sub-station of Al Fao locality are overflooded. In addition, three schools, government offices, and the main market area have been affected by the flash flood. The area remains difficult to access given the flood’s impact on the main road between Gedaref city and Harira village within the Al Fao locality. Currently, the resistance committee is conducting headcounts and more information will be shared soon. There are over 333,800 people living in Al Fao locality of whom over 70,100 people are in crisis and above levels of food security, according to Sudan IPC June 2021.

White Nile State: On 21 July 2021, a flash flood in Um-Rimta locality affected an unknown number of households. The floods cut off the Elobeid road which is the main road connecting White Nile with North Kordofan states. No reports of damage have been received so far. The state-level emergency committee held a meeting on 22 July to discuss the situation and more information will be shared soon. The international NGO Plan International and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCs) are present in the locality. According to the 2021 Sudan Humanitarian Needs Overview, there are about 176,000 people living in Um-Rimta of whom over 9,200 are under emergency (IPC Phase 4) levels of food security and over 27,400 people are under crisis (IPC Phase 3) levels. (OCHA, 23 Jul 2021)

White Nile State: On 25 July 2021, heavy rains hit Alganaa refugee camp in Aj Jabalain locality, White Nile State, affecting 215 refugee households. According to local sources, flooding has affected water sources and latrines, increasing the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks. The rains have also affected road access to the locality. An inter-agency assessment was conducted on 27 July 2021 in Alganaa camp. Roads affected by the rains are being rehabilitated, improving access to the affected areas and allowing for the planned distribution of shelter and nonfood supplies.

Aj Jazirah State: According to local sources, close to 3,500 people (700 families) are surrounded by floodwaters in Al Qurashi locality in Aj Jazirah State. The areas affected are Mogama El-Hilali (300 homes), Kogaila (130 homes), Dar El Salam (98 homes), Darisa (64 homes) and El Oshara (104 homes). According to the report, the area has been experiencing heavy rainfall since 24 July. The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)-Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) forecasts the state will receive over 50mm of rainfall in the coming days. (OCHA, 29 Jul 2021)

Heavy rains and flash flooding have so far affected eight out of 18 states across the country affecting over 12,200 people. Homes, infrastructure and farmland have been either damaged or destroyed. Over 800 homes have reportedly been destroyed and over 4,400 homes damaged. States affected include Aj Jazirah, Gedaref, North Kordofan, River Nile, South Darfur, South Kordofan, West Darfur, and White Nile. Assessments are ongoing to confirm the number of people affected and identify their needs. (OCHA, 9 Aug 2021)

West Darfur State: On 18 and 19 August, 3,425 people were affected by heavy rains and flash floods in Al Riyadh IDP camp in Aj Geneina locality, West Darfur State. According to community leaders and initial observations, an unconfirmed number of latrines were either destroyed or damaged. In-depth assessments are planned to confirm the number of people affected and priority needs. Over 5,640 people have been affected by heavy rains and flooding in West Darfur since July 2021. Humanitarian partners have started the distribution of non-food items (NFIs) and provided other humanitarian assistance to the people affected.

Gedaref State: Inter-agency assessments are ongoing in Gedaref to confirm the number of people reported affected by flooding on 11 August. Initial reports indicate that over 4,715 people were affected by heavy rains and flash floods in Al Mafaza town, Abu Rakham and Tunaydbah areas in Al Mafaza locality. According to local sources over 1,200 feddans of farmland have been affected by the flooding. An unconfirmed number of latrines have been damaged, including in health facilities. About 115,000 people live in Al Mafaza locality, of whom about 23 per cent need humanitarian assistance according to the 2021 Sudan Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO). Over 30,000 people in Al Mafaza are in crisis and above levels of food security according to the latest IPC report. (OCHA, 24 Aug 2021)

Heavy rains and flooding have affected over 88,000 people in 13 out of Sudan's 18 states since the start of the rainy season in July, according to the Humanitarian Aid Commision (HAC). More than 12,700 homes were damaged and over 4,800 homes destroyed. Most of the families affected by the heavy rain and flooding were forced to shelter with relatives and move to government buildings. (OCHA, 2 Sep 2021)

Between 4 and 6 September 2021, over 61,000 people (12,000 families) were reportedly affected by flooding in 53 villages in White Nile State’s Aj Jabalain locality. This includes 35,000 South Sudanese refugees in Alganaa area, according to findings of an inter-agency multi-sectoral needs assessment carried out on 8 September 2021. (OCHA, 8 Sep 2021)

Heavy rains and flash flooding have been reported in 14 out of 18 states across the country. As of 23 September, over 303,000 people have been affected with over 14,800 homes destroyed and 45,300 homes damaged. (OCHA, 23 Sep 2021)