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Guyana: Floods - May 2021

Disaster types

On 20 May, media reported severe flooding across Region Nine of Guyana that has affected 15,000 people, with evacuations currently underway for the communities most acutely affected by the flooding. Preliminary infrastructural damage assessments have reported severe damage to roads, cassava farms, as well as food production sites; the full damage assessment has not been possible yet due several main roads remaining underwater. The Civil Defense Commission (CDC) has begun distributing 1,000 hampers of food and cleaning supplies to affected families. Flooding was also reported in Regions Six and Ten, with approximately 30 households affected in Region Six and approximately 200 households affected in Region Ten. Continued rainfall is forecasted for the next several days in the region. (PAHO, 21 May 2021)

On 3 June, media reported that high tides and torrential rains in addition to overflowing rivers and creeks have flooded multiple communities across the country and affected over 6,000 people. Region 6 has been the most impacted with 2,800 people affected, followed by Region 2 with 1,500 affected people, Regions 9 and 10 with 1,000 affected people each, and Region 3 with 600 affected people. Residents of Region 9 are at increased risk of diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and gastroenteritis. Damage assessments will continue in Regions 7 and 8 today. Many of the affected families have been evacuated and are being housed in temporary shelters or in the homes of families and friends in areas where shelters are unavailable. The Civil Defense Commission (CDC) has distributed over 6,000 cleaning and food hampers countrywide to assist with the crisis. Additional rainfall is expected in the coming weeks and current water levels are expected to remain the same or rise. (PAHO, 4 Jun 2021)

On 6 June, Guyana’s President called attention to the widespread devastation created by extensive flooding and lamented the loss of livelihood and the destruction of houses and farms. The President further explained that hundreds of homes had been ruined while thousands of farms have been obliterated. On 8 June 2021, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) of Guyana reported that they have distributed almost 30,000 food kits and cleaning hampers across the most affected Regions (Five, Six, Nine, and Ten) and provided shelters for households impacted by flooding in Regions Nine and Ten. As of 10 June, and according to official sources, a total of 34,500 people have been affected (6,900 households) so far. (IFRC, 14 Jun 2021)