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Tajikistan: Floods and Mudslides - May 2021

Types de catastrophes
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The torrential rains of 7 – 12 May 2021 triggered floods, landslides and mudflows in many of the country’s districts. The largest number of losses and destructions are faced by districts and cities of Khatlon province. Disasters affected following cities and districts: Kulob city and districts of Vakhsh, Jomi, Vose, Shamsiddini Shohin, Yovon, Dusti, Muminobod, Qushoniyon, Dangara and Khuroson. Assessment of the damage is on-going by the authorities. Up to date, assessment reports confirm the destruction of at least 128 houses and significant damage to around 400 houses. Damages caused by disasters to private and social infrastructure have disrupted the livelihoods of over 14,500 people, according to initial estimations. (OCHA/UNCT Tajikistan, 19 May 2021)

The Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (CoES) reported the death of nine people caused by the disaster. Preliminary estimates indicate that households were displaced and 907 houses were damaged to different extents. Very modest estimations indicate that the damages to private and social infrastructure caused disruptions to the livelihoods of more than 25,010 people. The floods and subsequent landslides and mudflows affected districts to various extents, causing different levels of damage. Kulob town appeared to be the worst affected area, with the death of 3 people and an estimated 15 streets covered by mud. Up to date, the Government Assessment Teams identified 586 households with different levels of damage. As of 19 May , updated estimates report over 850 households as affected and in need of assistance. Most of the affected population have lost their assets and food stocks, as well as access to clean drinking water, as water supply system has been damaged by the mudflow. Sanitation conditions are severely worsened, as latrines are damaged and flooded. (IFRC, 24 May 2021)