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Tropical Cyclone Tauktae - May 2021

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A low pressure system over the Lakshadweep archipelago and adjoining Arabian Sea has intensified into Cyclonic Storm “Tauktae”...The storm is predicted to reach the Gujarat coast by 18 May.. Localised floods are already reported in few low lying areas in Kerala causing limited displacement. Local administrations of coastal districts are on high alert and 53 teams of National Disaster Response Forces are on standby. (ECHO, 15 May 2021)

Tropical Cyclone TAUKTAE is strengthening as it moves north over the northeastern Arabian Sea, passing close to the western coast of western India...According to media reports, during the last 48 hours, eight deaths and several thousand have been displaced from Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. About 440 families in Maldives and 293 families in Sri Lanka also reported affected...Heavy rain and strong winds are expected also across southeastern Pakistan. (ECHO, 17 May 2021)

Tropical Cyclone Tauktae made landfall as a category 3 cyclone on the southern coast of Gujarat on the night of 17 May. Before making landfall, Tauktae brushed India’s west coast over the weekend, causing damage in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra. Authorities in affected states evacuated more than 200,000 people from low-lying areas near the coast, including COVID-19 patients in healthcare facilities. In Gujarat, vaccinations were suspended for two days to facilitate evacuations. More than 80 disaster management teams have been deployed to assist district authorities with preparedness and response measures. The Indian navy conducted rescue operations off the coast of Mumbai to save people from drifting vessels. While assessments in Gujarat are ongoing, early reports from the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra indicate that at least 23 people have died, and over 3,100 houses have been damaged or destroyed, including at least seven primary health centers. The Inter-Agency Group of Gujarat, a coalition of humanitarian agencies supported by UNICEF, is engaging with the Government of Gujarat for rapid needs assessments and to support the Government-led response. Tropical Cyclone Tauktae comes at a time when India is battling with a dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases since late April and a severe shortage of oxygen and medical supplies. The state of Gujarat alone reported a seven-day average of over 10,000 daily new cases as of 16 May. In total, India has confirmed over 24.6 million COVID-19 cases and more than 270,000 deaths, as of 17 May. (OCHA, 18 May 2021)

Following the passage of Tropical Cyclone TAUKTAE that made landfall over the coast of Saurashtra (southern Gujarat) on 17 May and crossed the States of Gujarat and southern Rajasthan on 17-18 May, the number of casualties and damage has been increasing. According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDM India), 82 people have died across the States of Gujarat (45), Maharashtra (17), Kerala (9), Karnataka (8) and Goa (3). In addition, 64 people have been injured, 255,758 people have been evacuated, 11,714,481 affected and 55,834 houses damaged. On 19-20 May, moderate to heavy rain is forecast over north-western and northern India including east Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. (ECHO, 19 May 2021)