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Tropical Storm Jobo - Apr 2021

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A new Tropical Cyclone named Jobo, formed over the south-western Indian Ocean, is moving west-northwest towards the eastern coast of Tanzania. On 21 April at 0.00 UTC, its centre was located approximately 260 km north of Antisiranana City (northern Madagascar) and 250 km east of Assumption Island (southern Seychelles) with maximum sustained wind of 83 km/h (tropical storm). (ECHO, 21 Apr 2021)

The passage of Jobo through the Outer Islands of Seychelles on 21-22 April caused damage to several buildings on Cosmoledo, as reported by media. (ECHO, 23 Apr 2021)

Tropical Storm Jobo made landfall in Tanzania between 24 and 26 April 2021. After TS Jobo made landfall, a total of eight regions have reported heavy rains with strong winds resulting in flash floods causing fatalities and major damage to critical infrastructure and houses. TS Jobo also brought heavy rainfall to Zanzibar Island's coastal and also inland areas. The rain belt has continued into the second week after TS Jobo caused continued rainfall in many parts of the country. The rains have caused massive destruction in the farm fields, and houses were submerged due to heavy downpour. (IFRC, 13 May 2021)